There are 2 levels of asbestos survey - Asbestos Management Surveys and what most call R&D Surveys, however this isn't strictly true. 

R&D refers to Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys, these are two seperate surveys in themselves. 

Management Surveys 

An Asbestos Management Survey is the level of survey required to identify asbestos in your premises so that you can safely manage it.  This level of survey is typically "non-intrusive" and due to this, some asbestos materials may not be discovered, especially the ones that are hidden behind walls, in voids, etc. 

Although a good survey, it isn't suitable where more than general maintenance of a premises is being carried out, especially if any work disturbs the fabric of a building.

R&D Surveys 

An R&D, or Refurbishment and Demolition Survey is the way to go if their are going to alterations, refurbishment works or some level of intrusive works or if a premises were to be demolished. These surveys are generally fully intrusive meaning that some level of disturbance will be made to the premises fabric.


The surveys can be better explained if you separate them. 


Refurbishment Survey 


This can be an isolated level of survey and carried out on a particular area or part of the premises. say for example you were replacing the windows on a premises, then a refurbishment survey would look at any area where this work would cause disturbance, however it wouldn't for example take in the the roof space, basements, other parts of the premises where the window replacement would not disturb. 

Demolition Survey

Now this is the main level of survey that looks at everything, basements, rooms, lift shaft, service risers, attics, roofs, in fact every area of the premises that is planned for demolition and many times, even beyond.


All areas should be accessed as there is a potential during demolition to disturb them 

Blended Surveys 

Sometimes, you may require a mixture of the survey levels. 

An example would be where you plan an addition or extension to a premises. Then, you may need a demolition survey on an area of the premises that is being removed to make space the new extension, however where where walls are being removed to extend or open up existing areas a refurbishment survey may be required and where you plan no works, possibly an asbestos management survey. 

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