QR Code Management 

I am sure that we are all now very aware and familiar with QR Codes. I am also very aware that there are many companies who offer QR Codes as a means of asbestos management, however what I have here is a unique, bespoke, simple to use and cost effective QR Code management system.  

the SIAAM (Safe Interactive Asset and Asbestos Management) system is as the title would suggest, an interactive means of management, not just for asbestos but to help control assets, carryout rpoutine monitoring and more.


Many QR system out there use these codes to direct you to a document which you can then either read, download or print, but at the end of the day, if your on site and scanning a code, why not just have the physical document there, it would be easier wouldn't it? 

If you'd like to see more detail on SIAAM and experience its abilities, visit the website via the button below or contact us