Containment Entry Procedure 


  1.  Contact Lucion – Await instruction from Lucion

    1. Provide detail of expected duration of work

      1. Short duration

      2. Prolonged works

  2. If instructed by Lucion to stand down, do so and await their arrival

  3. Once safe to proceed

    1. Put on Respirator

    2. Put on coveralls

    3. Sign on to log sheet – include time of entry

  4. Having entered the containment area, you are classed as contaminated

  5. On leaving decontaminate

    1. Pat down disposable coveralls with wet wipe

    2. Place wet wipes in red bag

    3. Role coveralls down (turning them indie out) body starting with hood.

    4. Place removed coveralls in red bag

    5. Wipe down respirator

    6. Remove respirator and place in red bag

    7. Seal red bag

    8. Place sealed bag in clear bag and seal

  6. If transporting the waste, complete a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note

  7. If leaving the waste, inform Building and Civils of waste location