There are generally two types of asbestos survey, namely an Asbestos Management Survey and a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey, the last one, or two can be separated dependent on what level of works are proposed to a premise.

Asbestos surveys explained


An Asbestos Management Survey is generally undertaken to identify asbestos in accessible areas to allow it to be managed safely. It would assist in the on-going maintenance of a building/premises. It would not however be suitable for more than minor maintenance, such as changing light bulbs, cleaning, painting surface etc.

Where more than minor maintenance is being undertaken you will most probably require a Refurbishment Survey. This is a higher level than the afore mentioned Management Survey.

A Refurbishment Survey is a more intrusive survey and includes an inspection for asbestos in areas that are not normally accessed. Areas such as voids, service risers, cavities etc. It is a tailored survey in that the surveyor will survey the areas identified in the works requirements, i.e., if you are replacing a window, he will inspect the areas around the window and anything that may be affected. If however, you are doing a full refurbishment of a building, the whole building would be inspected.

A Demolition Survey is much more involved. Where a building is being demolished, the whole structure is inspected, including under floors, ceiling voids, foundations, basically, everything. The power to the building should be turned off to allow access to electrical equipment as this has a potential to contain asbestos, especially if the items are old. This is a very destructive/intrusive survey and would preferably only be carried out on a vacated building to avoid the risk to occupiers.

The above offers a basic view of the levels of asbestos surveys, for a more detailed explanation, or to request a survey, contact us for a no obligation quote.