When it comes to asbestos management there are many options you could take, for example, you could label your asbestos, paint it, encase or enclose it, you could remove it, set up and undertake annual re-inspection or you could do nothing! 

I would however steer away from the latter! 

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 4, the Duty to Manage, there is a legal requirement to manage asbestos in all non-domestic premises in the UK, basically, you need to do something!

Below I offer you a few of the options available, however, I can truly state that every management request that I have dealt with has in someway been unique. So rather than guess your way to compliance, give me a call or drop me an email. No matter what your premises are, I have a cost efficient and fully compliant option for you. 


Labelling asbestos products is one option but care needs to be taken. One area of concern is consistency, if you're telling people that you've labelled asbestos in your premises, then you'd better make sure you have. You need to maintain the labels, what if they fall off, or get covered over with something, painted over, get taken off maliciously? 

Then you need to consider where you're going to put the labels, how many, on what. If you're labelling ALL asbestos, what about those asbestos containing floor tiles under the fitted carpet, are you labelling those or do we just ignore them?

Then you need to consider the people attending and using your premises, could asbestos warning labels everywhere cause concern, or even distress? there are many people who only know that asbestos kills, how will they feel seeing all these new labels 


Labels can work, but using them needs control and strict management, you'd be better off with a premises plan.  


Removing asbestos materials may appear to be the option... but is it? 

So you're going to invest thousands of pounds removing all of your asbestos to make your premises asbestos free. Before you do, consider the disruption that will be caused during the work, then the cost of returning the premises to normal use, that £10,000 job may turn out to cost tens of thousands, then consider further, have you actually made your premises asbestos free? what about the damp course, gutters, fuses, cable tape, floor tiles, floor adhesive, textured coating, etc. 

Before you consider removal, give me a call, it may well be an option, but let's have a look at it first. 

Manage in place

This basically means, leave it where it is and look after it. 

lets not forget, the regulations say "Manage Asbestos". Do you really need the disruption and cost of removal or are you happy to accept the on going requirement of management.


Bear in mind, leaving it in place is not management, its what you do with what you leave in place. Is it safe where it is, can it be damaged, could it be mistaken for a non-asbestos materials and worked on by mistake, could the weather or just normal use of the area cause issues.  

The solution 

As you may have gathered, one option may not fit all situations. 


This is why people call and engage me, we look at all options, we program works, set up permits-to-work, train staff, set in place labels, remove what needs removing, manage materials, set up re-inspections etc. 


If you'd like a cost effective, fully complaint solution to your asbestos needs, however large or small, give me a call.


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