Here is a PDF of L143, the Approved Code of Pratcie (ACoP) covering asbestos, released in 2013 to coincide with and work with the current Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 12) 

The HSE have provided all of the task guidance sheets from HSG 210, the Asbestos Essentials, as individual PDF downloads from their website, They can be downloaded by following this link; BIACS have combined them into one downloadable document for ease and to save you time. This a FULL PDF of Version 4. The physical book can be purchased directly from HSE books:

This is the secondond edition of HSG 264, Asbestos the Survey Guide. This document contains useful information for both the asbestos surveyor and for the client. 

HSG227 a comprehensive guide to managing asbestos in premises. This is an old guide but still contains some useful and relevant infomation  on managing asbestos in buildings

Guidance for licensed asbestos contractors for works with asbestos materials. A useful guide for those who are engaging contractors to allow a clearer understanding of their works. This is an old guide and is due for an up date... one is coming, when it arrives it will be posted here

The confined spaces regulations guidance, although not specifically asbestos works, many works with asbestos involve working in a confined space, so a useful guide. 

JIWG Asbestos in soils guide