BIACS are developing an Excel Spreadsheet of all known asbestos items, materials, history of use, etc. 

At present, the list we have created contains over 3700 individual entries, items and materials its growing fast. 

Access to this will be public and will be made copyright free. If you believe you have information that can be of use, especially rare items, unique stuff with images that you are happy for people to reproduce free of charge, please feel free to send them to me. if you include your details, they will all be acknowledged in the spreadsheet. 


Send your stuff to:

p.s. I really don't need any more info or pictures of floor tiles or asbestos cement

I also don't need any more info about the Wizard of Oz or White Christmas, especially given that the Wizard of Oz snow wasn't actually asbestos, I know, "Spoiler Alert". 


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