Appendix 5 - Ver. 5 Oct 2016

Guidance note for the operation of LV fuse boards clad with asbestos insulating board. (AIB)

Responsible person Craftsman/Engineer

Scope                 This document gives guidance on the safe method of operation of LV boards clad with asbestos insulation board and details the precautions, including PPE and RPE, necessary to ensure that exposure to respirable asbestos fibres is maintained to well below those injurious to health.



Wherever possible the asbestos cladding shall be removed by an approved licensed contractors and the area shall be thoroughly cleaned of any asbestos, debris and dust prior to commencing work.

Where required the LV board may be re-covered with a more suitable non-asbestos material.

This work will involve making the LV board safe for the approved licensed contractors to work on.


Exposure assessment: -

Asbestos, amosite, has been identified within this product.

Assessments for this procedure have shown the levels of asbestos fibres to be below the relevant control limits and within the scope of work with asbestos not requiring a licence provided an individual does not carry out such work for more than 1 hour in any seven days.

Working method: -

Carefully remove the fuse carrier using shadow vacuuming or using tack wipes to capture any dust, which maybe generated.

Keep disturbance of all suspected or known asbestos containing material to a minimum.  This is especially important given the fact that it is likely to be impracticable to apply liquid dust suppressants prior to work with such material due to hazards of live electrical equipment.

Where necessary the panels covering the LV board should be unbolted and removed. Whenever practicable these panels, once removed, they should be placed into a labelled waste bags and appropriately disposed of.  Consideration should be given to such panels being replaced with non-asbestos substitutes.

On emergency operational work, this may be impracticable and on such occasions, the panel should be carefully placed to one side away from the immediate area of work to guard against accidental damage.  Arrangements should then be made for the Asbestos containing material to be double bagged and removed as asbestos waste and disposed of appropriately.

Operational work should be undertaken minimising any disturbance of dust and debris which has accumulated on surfaces of the LV distribution board.