HAS/012/002 - Appendix 1

Guidance note for the removal of small amounts of asbestos cable tape

Responsible person; Craftsman

Scope:    This document gives guidance on the safe method of removal of small amounts of asbestos cable tape. 


Working method: -

Always wear all the necessary approved personal protective equipment and approved respiratory protective equipment throughout the course of the work.

Wet the tape on the cables using the spray, taking care not to apply excess water such that it runs off the cable.   If the cable tape is in poor condition, apply dampened Tack Wipes, or equivalent prior to using the wetting agent/spray (low pressure spray of water and detergent).

Remove the tape taking extreme care not to unnecessarily disturb or break up the asbestos tape releasing fibres.

Removed tape should then be double bagged in approved asbestos waste bags for disposal as asbestos waste.

Thoroughly clean the surface of the cable using tack wipes.

Following removal of the tape and cleaning of the cable, seal the cable using a proprietary sealer such as ET150 as detailed below;

1.            Apply to the surface with a brush or spray (garden type spray container is suitable).

2.            Allow to dry and, if required the surface can be painted.

Alternatively, the cable can be sealed using PVC or self-amalgamating tape. (Note - the asbestos plan must be amended accordingly.)