We appreciate that there are many questions people have about asbestos, silica, health and safety etc., unfortunately, we can't provide all the answers on here, but we are happy to answer questions directly, so why not contact us and and ask away...


What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural mineral found throughout the world. Due to its fibrous nature and amazing properties, it became widely used in construction and other man-made materials


Is asbestos dangerous?

Yes, exposure to asbestos can result in people contracting numerous diseases, some of which can be fatal. there are currently 5500 deaths per year in the UK due to previous exposure to asbestos. 

Is Silica dangerous?

Yes, there are around 500 deaths per year attributed to past silica exposure. 

Do I need asbestos/silica training?

The real question would be, why aren’t you trained? On-line Asbestos Awareness training or our CoSHH training can be undertaken for as little as £10 and takes around 40 minutes. If you have ANY risk of exposure to asbestos or silica dust, this would be the best recommended course of action.


I need to work on asbestos, what training do I need?

To interact with asbestos in anyway, you must have non-licensed asbestos training as a minimum. Asbestos Awareness training is not suitable for asbestos interaction.

Will asbestos training also cover silica?

No, unless specified, asbestos training only covers asbestos. BIACS are able to combine a silica and asbestos if required. 


What is the fire triangle and why is it important? 

The fire triangle describes the three elements require to create fire, namely heat, an oxidizing agent (normally oxygen) and fuel. Without one of these three, a fire cannot start or if one of these elements are removed from a fire, it will be extinguished. Heat is often referred to as the main element in creating fire, the second being fuel. Imagine if you can trying to start a fire without any thing that would burn, or if a fire were burning, take away the fuel... No fire!


I only need to drill into Artex containing asbestos, do I still need training?


Yes, drilling, sanding, cutting, removing, in fact any level of interaction with asbestos or even presumed asbestos requires training.


How do I know if something is or contains asbestos?

Asbestos has been used in thousands of materials and products. Some are more recognisable, some not so. The best way to find out is to have the material safely sampled and tested, alternatively, you can assume that they do contain asbestos.

When questions are asked, they will be included on this page,but if you don't see what you need to know, ask us! 

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